Do Rainey Recovery Wear garments contain Latex and/or Formaldehyde?

No. Our proprietary blend of fabric is 100% Latex and rubber free, assuring that there is no risk of deadly allergic reactions. Plus, we have taken additional steps to keep our garments hypoallergenic by rejecting fabric that contains Formaldehyde.

Why do I need to measure myself prior to ordering a garment?

Our garments are designed to provide a defined contour to the body, while regular clothing allows for slight variation. For this reason, it is important to carefully measure yourself and follow our size charts prior to placing an order. Please refer to our sizing charts to achieve the best fit. 

What is the correct size for me?

All our garments are true to size. Please refer to our size charts to find your best fit.

What if my measurements do not fit within the size charts? Do you make custom garments?

We offer custom-fit garments for an additional $75 per body garment and $35 for upper body garments. Please contact Customer Care at (888)772-4639 for additional assistance.

How do I know which product is right for me?

We offer many different garments depending on the procedures you are having/have had done. When shopping on our website, you can click on “Shop By Procedure” to narrow down your choices of garment. If you find after doing this you still need assistance, please contact Customer Care at (888)772-4639.

How does compression assist in postsurgical healing?

Recovery Recovery Wear compression garments improve comfort and reduce pain during the early stages of recovery. These garments minimize swelling, promote faster healing, and support the new contours of the patient’s body. 

Why can't I just wear a lingerie shaper or a sports bra?

Medical grade fabric performs much better for consistency of firm compression and control than regular shapers and bras. 

How long should I wear the products?

Wearing medical-grade compression garments post-surgery is vital to ensure the best results.

We recommend wearing your post-op bodysuits, bras, girdles, and abdominal binders 24/7 for 6 to 8 weeks post-surgery. The amount of time needed to provide the required support and compression may vary from person to person, for different procedures, and for different stages of our 1-2-3 Recovery System.

Generally speaking, for garments part of Step 1 of our 1-2-3 Recovery System, we recommend you wear the garment for 1-2 weeks. For garments part of Step 2 of our 1-2-3 Recovery System, we recommend you wear the garment for 1-6 weeks. For garments part of Step 3 of our 1-2-3 Recovery System, we recommend you wear the garment for 4-12 weeks.

Always check with your Health professionals during your recovery for their advice in regards to your compression garments.

Why should I order more than one garment?

We strongly recommend that you order more than one garment due to the different stages of the healing process. As you progress through the 1-2-3 Recovery System, the garments will get smaller and/or be made differently to help your body through the swelling process and allow it to heal. Each level is critical to shaping your transformation.

How do I put my garment on?

You should step into your garment to gently put it on. Do not roll it up. 

Why is my garment so tight after surgery?

Your garment should fit tightly after surgery. The purpose of a compression garnet is to support the surgical site and the skin. You want to support your body and not allow anything to move post-surgery. 

Why do compression garments have an open crotch?

Our medical-grade compression post-op garments have either an open or opening crotch.

Going to the bathroom after surgery whilst wearing a compression garment would be extremely uncomfortable if the garment had to be pulled down or removed.

That's why all quality post-op garments have an opening at the crotch. The generously sized opening makes life after surgery much easier.

Bodysuits and girdles with no legs will have a hook and eye closure at the crotch. 


How do I care for my Rainey Recovery Wear garment?

Rainey Recovery Wear garments are machine washable and can be tossed into the washing machine on a cold-water setting and put in the dryer without heat, or hung dry. 

What material are Rainey Recovery Wear garments made out of?

We use high-grade material garments composed of 45% Nylon and 55% Lycra. Garments offer a four-way stretch that allows for the fabric to adjust to any skin and to provide maximal comfort. The optimal compression provided by our garments helps to speed up your recovery time.

Why is it important to follow Rainey Recovery Wear's 1-2-3 Recovery System?

Our 1-2-3 Recovery System was designed to help your body through the swelling process and allow it to heal. We recommend buying at least two garments, one Step 1 garment and one Step 2 garment. This is because your first garment will likely be soiled within 72 hours of wear from the body draining after surgery. It is best to then buy/wear one of our Step 2 garments and wear this immediately. We also recommend purchasing a Step 3 garment which is more of a shapewear item for long-lasting use to help your body finish its healing process properly.


How do I set up a wholesale professional account with Rainey Recovery Wear?

Click on the “Wholesale” button at the top of our website to fill out our sign-up form. Once you submit the form, someone from the Rainey Recovery Team will contact you regarding the next steps.

How do I apply a promotion code?

At checkout, you'll find the "I have a promo code" link which should be clicked on if you have a promotional code. Only one code can be applied per order. Once a code has been applied, the order total will update to reflect the discount.