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Understanding Your Complete Recovery

Understanding Your Complete Recovery


Day 1-3 Immediate Post-Op

Most doctors’ recommendations typically stop at the initial Stage-1 garment—applied immediately post-op in the surgical facility. During Stage 1 (immediate recovery), you’ll be wearing the garment continuously for the first three (3) days, and given the significant post-op excretions of bodily fluids during this period, the garment can quickly get soiled. Zippered closure(s) on this Stage-1 garment allow for easy access to, and replacement of drainage pads, during this immediate-recovery phase.



Day 4-14 Mid Post-Op

This phase typically begins on Day 4, and can last up to 2 weeks. Given this extended period (as well as the Stage-1 bodily-fluid loss), in the interest of hygiene and interchangeability, most patients opt for a second Stage-1 garment with adjustable compression levels to accommodate your reduction is size as swelling is reduced. Remember, these garments must all be worn day and night during the Mid post-op period.


2 Weeks and Beyond Transition Shaper

So, what happens during the final step (typically two weeks into recovery and beyond)? Your body is positioned for the transformation to the “NEW YOU.” What’s most important now is maintaining the smooth firm results you desire!

A higher level of medical-grade compression is more important than ever to maintain your healing momentum. The Rainey TRANSITION SHAPER is designed to provide the ideal level of compression and comfort…Purchasing “off-the-rack” garments simply won’t deliver the medically required level of compression for your recovery. In fact, such garments—without medical-grade compression—will likely send your recovery in the wrong recovery direction. The Rainey TRANSITION SHAPER will take you from your recovery and beyond as you embark on your NEW LIFE as the NEW YOU.

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